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Guess what's next?  It's not enough that Dr. Fauci tells you to wear a face mask and to take an unapproved, still in trials experimental dangerous shot.  Now he's going to dictate your spirituality along with Genome mapper Dr. Francis Collins at the Vatican, with the full support of the Pope.  All roads really do lead to Rome don't they?  Please see the blasphemous picture below advertising their Conference with a new spin on Michelangelo's Finger of God painting. 


Dr. Fauci will open in a lecture series the various speakers have labeled, "Mind, Body and Soul".  Isn't that an interesting title since the Bible says that we should love God with all our mind, body and soul in Mark 12:30.  The National Catholic Register says,

VATICAN CITY — Dr. Anthony Fauci, Chelsea Clinton, and the CEOs of Pharmaceutical  manufacturers Moderna and Pfizer, which created leading COVID-19 vaccines, will be among the featured speakers at a healthcare conference next month co-hosted by the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Culture. 

It's so ironic to me that the once Pro Life Vatican wants to hold up Abortion Proponent Chelsea Clinton as their poster girl.

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Moderna boasts that their vaccine is an "Operating System" on their website.  These new Mrna technologies are an obvious  marriage between the biological body and computers.  The Pope met with Microsoft and IBM in 2020 to supposedly push for ethics.  Then he came out with full approval for the use of aborted babies to be used  in the manufacture of the Covid19 vaccine.  Are those the ethics he hoped to achieve?   

I'd like to share with you some interesting information. The current Pope, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, is a Jesuit, and Dr. Fauci is a Jesuit. In fact, the whole initial Corona task force was comprised of Jesuits.  Please go see this eye opening article: Dr. Anthony Fauci, A Jesuit Mastermind "Straight from Rome!It is a must read article you won't want to miss!

"We must start out by examining the special Coronavirus Task Force assembled by president Trump to deal with the emerging pandemic. You see, it might surprise you to learn that all of the highest ranking members of Trump's new task force are the "privileged" recipients of a Jesuit education. Here's the proof:


Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the NIAID (Jesuit educated at College of the Holy Cross and Regis High School)


Dr. Robert Redfield, Director of the CDC (Jesuit educated at Georgetown University)


Ken Cuccinelli, Acting Deputy Secretary, DHS (Jesuit educated at Gonzaga College High School)


Joel Szabat, Acting Under Secretary for Policy, DOT (Jesuit educated at Georgetown University)


Note: President Trump himself was also Jesuit educated at Fordham University."

I also invite my readers to read an eye opening article which is censored off of Google called, Snakes in the Grass: Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr. Francis Collins, Bill Gates and Many other Serpents!

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Pictured are Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates, and Dr. Francis Collins taking a stroll together (from left to right). What do they have in common? They all work for the pope. A very little known fact about Bill Gates is that his wife, Melinda Gates, is Roman Catholic (see here and here) and that they both support Jesuit schools across America to the tune of many millions (see here and here). Dr. Francis Collins, the current head of the NIH and Fauci's boss, was appointed by Pope Benedict XVI to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences back in 2009 (see here and here). So it shouldn't be too much of a surprise to find all three of these men hanging out together and working hard to fulfill the same agenda.

Fact #1  Pope Clement XIV abolished the Jesuits as a society in 1773:

Fact #2  No other entity on Earth was expelled and suppressed by Catholic and non-Catholic countries as the Jesuits:

Fact #3  Hitler modeled his dreaded SS army and party after the organizational structure of the Jesuits and the Roman Catholic Church:

Fact #4  Jesuit education - Over the last 400 years the Jesuits have succeeded in establishing the largest worldwide network of schools and universities.

Fact #5  Agents of the Jesuits have been responsible for assassinating many heads of State over the centuries:

Fact #6  The Jesuits today control all the powerful secret societies that are shaping the New World Order

Fact #7  The Jesuits are responsible for fomenting the two world wars and escalating the Vietnam War after President Kennedy’s assassination:

Fact #8  After Pope Pius VII was freed from exile in 1814, his first order of business upon returning to Rome was to restore the Jesuit order

Fact #9  The Jesuit Order took over the Office of Inquisition shortly after it was sanctioned and this led to the martyrdom of millions of saints

Fact #10  The Jesuits succeeded in their destructive agenda through dominating the confessor field wherever they went

Jesuit Oath excerpt.jpg

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The Wolf is in full view dear Saints!  The self admitted Wolf Pope went to visit Ur of the Chaldees and Babylon just last month in order to unite all religions into a One World Religion.  Ur was considered an ancient site of child sacrifice, how fitting.  Many Muslim factions accept the Pope and laud him.  Look at the video below where they dance for him and roll out the red carpet! The Pope is a busy man, he's got Mohammed bin Zayed in his right pocket!  He recently went to Abu Dhabi to sign the Chrislam ‘Declaration of Human Fraternity' during the month of Ramadan nonetheless.  His newest maneuver is to now bring in the Artificial Intelligence God, now that he's got the Babylonian Religious system to unite.

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Read the full document here.

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