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King Charles
House of Windsor
Revived Roman Empire

I have been doing a series on King Charles for a while now. I did not realize that in the course of this research that I would come across so much information.  What I didn't realize at first was the Royal's connection to the Roman Empire. I was tipped off by the Coronation ceremony act of giving the Royal an Orb. I found out that is a tradition that comes from the  Roman Empire starting with Charlemagne (also known as Charles the Great). 

Holy Roman Empire Orb.png

Essential to Biblical prophecy is that the last Empire  before the return of Christ is partially Roman mixed with something else called "Clay". There are many interpretations of what the Clay might represent, but the iron of the prophecy indisputably refers to Rome. In the course of study I learned that the area of London was once the capital of Rome, Londinium, and that through decrees it is allowed to keep it's original identity and customs.

Excerpt from my article: The Antichrist House of Windsor


The Real Origins of the British Monarchy-


The British monarchy emerged directly out of the same Roman empire that crucified the Messiah. This happened when Britain became a Roman colony in approximately 55 B.C. (although warring with Rome continued well into the 2nd century). The name “Britain” is derived from “B’rith-ain” which means “covenant land,” and “British” means “covenant man.” The British empire eventually exceeded even the Roman empire in size, which is the reason for the infamous colonialism expression, “the son never sets on the British empire”.

Roman Conquest of Britain.png

Britain = Roman


There is also some evidence to suggest that the two empires are actually the same empire, such that London is still a Roman city, and its crown is superior to the crown of Great Britain. It has also been said that the British monarchy has been subservient to the Catholic Church since the Treaty of Verona in 1213. See The 1215 Magna Carta, English Translation by Xavier Hildegarde. The operative provision in the Magna Carta is section 13 (“And the city of London shall have all its ancient liberties and free customs, by land as well as by water.”)

When working on the Sea Beasts video I found out that Britain had ruled the seas for 1,000 years! It was the major sea power that was in total control of the seas, thus they are the Beast out of the Sea. The symbolism on the Royal Carriage says it all.

Sea Power.png

Then when working on the videos which explore the Windsor family lineage, I found out that the family lineage is all out of the Roman Empire for all the 12 original Royal houses including the Windsors! Thanks to the information provided by Bishop Larry Gaiters. I talk about this in my three part series called: Windsor Roman Empire Serpent Seed. Below are my videos thus far. I am actively working on part 3.

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