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To decline vaccines etc...




This is from Miri Anne Finch, Lawyer. UKMFA: Let’s empower ourselves with legal ways of refusing such tyranny

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Americas frontline doctors rain down lawsuits against the take covid deal

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Dear Parents, 

I have spent a lifetime opting my children out of vaccines.  I gave birth to three children with Autism who are now all grown, and after that I had five more children born Neurotypical.  Early on someone gave me a copy of Barbara Lowe Fischer's book called A SHOT IN THE DARK.  After reading that book there was no way that I could subject my precious babies to vaccines.  

I lived in New York State which did allow for Religious exemptions to immunizations. I felt that God had led me to the decision not to vaccinate so I went the route of a Religious Exemption although I could have built a case on  Medical Exemption.  Throughout the years I have had to use letter templates in order to write letters to school districts in order to opt my children out of vaccines so they could attend schools, summer camps, group homes, or whatever other program required immunizations.  I cannot stress enough the importance of a written document that you should provide when you are opting out.  It shows them that you know your rights and also, you have proof, on file.  You would be surprised at how uneducated the public actually is.  They don't even realize that yes, you have rights.  Educate yourself and know your rights and exercise them because if you give the enemy an inch, he will take a mile!

When I was pregnant with my fifth child New York State put a law in place requiring all newborns born in hospitals to be vaccinated with the Hepatitis B shot!  A shot for a sexually transmitted disease.  How ludicrous to give a shot like that to a newborn, whose immune system is  not even fully developed until six months of age.  The law made it so you automatically gave consent for this shot if you birthed your child in the hospital.  I was determined to protect my child.  So, I decided to homebirth my son.  Well, what do you know, New York State then decided to try to prevent home birthing in the State!  I decided to have my baby in the neighboring state of Vermont in order to avoid my child getting this dangerous shot.  This was quite an inconvenience as I had to have check ups in another state and yes, even travel while in labor.  A home birthing midwife did transport me when I was in labor just incase I gave birth on the way, fortunately I did make it to Vermont in time to birth my child.  Then, a year later they stopped this horrific practice of implied consent for newborns in New York State to get the Hepatitis B vaccine due to too many infant casualties!  I was able to therefore have my next three children in New York State hospitals.

How far will you go to protect your child?  Do whatever it takes.  Do not be intimidated to exercise your rights.  When my children were very young I received a letter from the school District Superintendent demanding that I come to his office and show him proof of my religious exemption.  I was even told to bring my religious materials.  At the time I really didn't even have any materials, and as I told you before, I felt God led me into this decision.  I no longer even had the book A SHOT IN THE DARK anymore.  Needless to say, I was very stressed out.  My advice from a very knowledgeable friend was, "keep sending your child to school, don't back down, make them kick you out if it comes to that.  I bet you they won't."  So, I did keep my children in school, but then I realized that I must somehow respond to this man's request.  Oddly enough, as they saying goes, "it's a small world", I was talking to my child's own Special Education Itinerant Teacher, complaining about this.  As bizarre as this sounds, she said much to my surprise, "Oh, the Superintendent is my father, I will have a talk with him."  Well, that solved everything for me.  I didn't even have to go to his office or say a word.  Oddly enough, this man went to my same church which I rarely attended due to having three kids with Autism, they would not sit still in service. God works in mysterious ways! You wouldn't think the persecution would come from fellow Christians would you?  

Yes, I have been harassed by doctors  when I took my children for appointments.  I never took the children for "Well visits" because those are really only designed to keep your children on the vaccination schedule.  Hold your ground despite how you are treated.  Develop that forehead of flint like the prophet Ezekiel had.  


 Unfortunately, in 2019 New York removed the Religious Exemption from vaccines.  I had to then resort to Homeschooling my children who were teenagers by then and  I put my home up for sale in order to move to a State that allowed for Religious Exemptions from vaccines.  It took my home nearly a year to sell but it finally did.  We moved to a State which was a ten hour drive away in order to have our freedom.  Moving was a huge hassle, but my children were then allowed to freely enroll in school with no problems.

In order to keep free from vaccinations we had to -


1. Write Letters of Objection using legal guidelines

2. Birth outside of the system

3. Homeschool

4. Move to another State

Dear friends, what is at stake right now is the safety of your loved ones.  You now have to do whatever is necessary to avoid these new vaccines, which are not even true vaccines, they are Experimental Gene Altering Treatments.  Unlike traditional vaccines, they have been allowed to skip all the typical safety protocols.  Learn what your current rights are and exercise them.  Write your letters.  Be ready to homeschool, home birth or even move if necessary.  These are actually small sacrifices compared to what the Pilgrims had to go through in order to move from the tyranny in England.  Freedom will have a price dear friends.  Soldiers laid down their lives to give us the freedoms we have today.  Let us not cower and hand over our rights.  Please utilize the resources listed above by Miri Anne Finch.

Also join the NATIONAL VACCINE INFORMATION CENTER NVIC organization.  They provide legal information you as a parent need to know and they link you to resources.  It is good to subscribe to their page in order to receive current updates.


                                                                                                                                                                                      Kasia da Silva

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A must see video that is heavily censored and hard to find on line.  Google searches completely censor this movie.  Please click and watch video below:

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