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These Watchmen have been sounding the alarm!  Many of them are censored by the Beast System so I am giving their direct web sites whenever possible.  Please consider subscribing to their sites or bookmarking them.

Disclaimer:  Inclusion on this list does not necessarily mean I totally agree with every teaching, nor does it necessarily mean these watchmen entirely agree on everything they teach but in regards to the Mark I believe they are right on target!

Dr. Stella Immanuel

Video channel

Prayer Warrior

Pastor Chuck Baldwin
Prophecy Teacher

Expose' Video Content Creators


Anthony Patch

Video channel

Based on his research he predicted in 2014 that the Vax would be used to usher in the Mark

Rick Wiles

News Website

Pastor Ken Raggio

Video channel

Prophecy Teacher

Dan Corner


Offers free material you can print 

Greg Locke

Interview Video

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