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How do you survive the apocalypse with a disabled child? I just got my son back on the Jewish new year, September 15th 2023 after being separated for 14 long years while he lived in a group home for the disabled. 

The weather had been pretty gloomy all summer. The day I picked him up from his group home in New York it was extremely grey and gloomy. One of his staff members was very sad to see Teddy leave, she had grown very attached to him over the years. I even felt bad for her.

I live in Ohio, so the trip was a long seven hours home from New York.  I didn't know how I was going to make such a long drive with a 31 year old son who is incontinent. I figured I would have to stop every few hours and hope to find a family public bathroom each time and bring a change of clothing if he leaked through.

Much to my surprise it was a beautiful sunny day on the drive all the way home despite the threat of Hurricane Lee which was supposed to come a few days later. I remember before the trip being worried about being caught in torrential rain on the ride home. But, hurricane Lee ended up losing strength and was diverted out to the sea. I did ask my friends to pray about the weather. Their prayers were more than answered because not only was it perfect sunny weather all the way home, but it was the best beautiful sunny weather all week!  I can't remember a week this nice. It was almost as if it was just for me.

I moved to Ohio from New York because NY had stripped us of our religious right to refuse vaccinations. I was led by God before my children were born to abstain from vaccinations for them. Now my children were no longer free to attend school. Some of Teddy's younger siblings were still school aged. 

girls 2.png

I home schooled them for one year but they complained that they were missing the school experience and wanted to attend school.  So I told them for that to be possible then we have to move to a State that will allow them to go to school. Then I made plans to sell my house and move. I had lost my husband a year prior to that so living in the house with all the old memories was difficult anyway. 

My House.png

I wanted to get a fresh start in a new State because I felt that New York taking our religious rights away was a sign from God that we were to flee that State.  Then a year later the Pandemic was here. By that time my house was in the process of being sold to a new owner. 

I have a total of eight children.  Three of the children are disabled and had been placed in group homes in New York previously.  I fled with just my five younger typical children hoping that God would protect the children I left behind who were adults by then each placed in group homes.

New York State had made the Covid vaccine mandatory for school before the vaccine was even developed! They did not require mandatory vaccination for the disabled in group homes however.  I had already forbidden any vaccines for my disabled ones, but to go a step further, I told them that if NY State ever made it mandatory for their homes that I would remove them from those homes and take them to Ohio.  I don't know how I would have been able to take care of them as they all require 24/7 care. But, I would leave that up to God, should that ever happen.

Ohio was a State that didn't close everything down.  I took a full time job at Hobby Lobby in Ohio at the height of the Pandemic.  In New York everything was still shut down for an entire year. I investigated the Covid agenda on-line, which resulted in my website called, "The Mark of the Beast is Now Here." I felt a need to warn everyone I knew not to take this diabolical vaccine. Whether it is the Mark yet is up for debate, but most people agree it's at least the foundation for it. My view on the issue is, they call a fetus a baby because it is a developing baby. So if this is the developing Mark, I think it's fine for folks to call it the Mark now.

I had been informed about vaccines all my life, that's why I avoided them for my children. Suddenly other people began waking up to the fact that vaccines aren't any good for you. But the Covid vaccines were especially diabolical. They were mRNA which I found out worked by changing human genetics by using Crispr Cas 9 technology to cut and paste into the genome so that the genes would create spike proteins. As it turned out, spike proteins in and of themselves are incredibly dangerous. They collect especially in the reproductive organs! When I tried to share each new thing I learned about the sinister nature of these vaccines I was censored at each and every turn.  I could not post anything on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Youtube, without getting a strike or banned. I had never experienced this level of censorship in my entire life.  Something about this was very fishy.

I had been used to living a life in opposition to being required to be vaccinated and had sold all and moved just to avoid it, even before the whole Pandemic. Suddenly everyone else found themselves in the same predicament, only I had practice at being a dissenter. I felt like suddenly everyone had to go through all the hassle I had been used to going through.

Featured on this page are a few songs my son Teddy likes. He has no hobbies other than listening to music. He's not able to manipulate his hands enough to do simple tasks. He can use utensils however, but cannot button or zipper.  The Eugenicists think people like this aren't useful to society. But, for me, he's brought the music back into my life.  I got so caught up in the end times news frenzy that listening to Christian music just lost it's appeal to me. Well, with a seven hour car trip I got a good dose of praise music. Teddy especially liked listening to Lincoln Brewster.

Teddy graphic.jpg

For those of you who are worried about facing the apocalypse with a disability, my advice to you is to just take it one day at a time. “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Matthew 6:34 

Be wise and make common sense preparations and take actions as you feel God is leading you to. But don't feel like you have to be "survivor Joe" or something.  Remember, that the Bible does say that he who seeks to save his life shall lose it and he who loses his life for Jesus sake, shall find it. (Matt. 16:25)

I got into prepping for a while.  I have a go bag and I saved up 7 cans of gas, only to have them all stolen along with my car.

Do what you can and let God handle the rest.  I have two more adult children to move to this State, but I can only move them one at a time.  I had to resign my job in order to watch my son 24/7, therefore don't have any medical insurance either right now.  It's a leap of faith to get him moved. I will place him in a group home here in Ohio then I will have to go back to work and save up more money to then bring the girls later.  I honestly don't know how I am going to do this, but God is providing.

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