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Steve Anderson
Person of the Week

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Pastor Steve Anderson dares to speak out so much that he's permanently banned from Youtube and Ireland. He was also visited by the Secret Service and someone made a prank call causing a SWAT team to show up at his house!

What could he possibly be preaching that would cause such a response? Jesus said that if the world hates you know that it first hated him. Jesus promised that the world would hate us and "woe unto you if all men speak well of you". Luke 6:26

I've made a compilation of the best of his preaching and comments about none other than the Jews. The ones the world forbids us to talk about who we can't hold to any standards, because they are above the law.

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You absolutely must see Steven Anderson's documentary which includes the legendary Texe Marrs called, "Marching to Zion". It will give you an understanding about the events that have transpired in Israel to this present day.

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