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Eclipse Notes

April 8, 2024 Solar Eclipse Notes:


1.  The eclipse goes through Alpha Kenucky and Omega Illinois.

2. It goes through Corpus Christi, Texas which means when translated from Latin, "Body of Christ."

3. Goes through Jonah Texas, then Joppa Texas, then seven Ninevehs in the USA, then one in Nova Scotia.

4. The constellation that will be above the eclipse is Cetus, which is a Whale or Sea Monster.

5. 2017 eclipse went through 7 Salems, and the 2024 eclipse will go through 7 Salems.

6. Goes through two Jerusalems in Ohio and one Israel in Ohio, right on eclipse path.

7. Goes through Rapture Indiana and the Ark in Kentucky.

8. The intersection of the 2023 eclipse that crosses with the 2024 eclipse is at the Coming King Sculpture Prayer Garden.

9. It goes through Bride, Tennessee and Bride Island Maine. In 2017 the eclipse crossed Heaven Hill South Carolina. On the way out in 2024 it will go through Paradise Newfoundland.

10. Eclipse went through Lampstand Utah in 2017 then in 2024 Goes through Patmos and the following book of Revelation churches: Ephesus, Smyrna, Sardis and Philadelphia.

12. The place at which the 2017 and 2024 eclipse crosses is at Little Egypt Illinois which has many places in it also named after places in Egypt and the very exact center is Makanda whose name is "The Star of Egypt" according to Wikipedia. 

13. There will be a double brood Cicada plague at Little Egypt Illinois within 40 days after the eclipse.

14. The 3 phase eclipse started at Devil's Punch Bowl Oregon and ends at Devil's Punch Bowl Ontario.

15.  There will be a planetary alignment the day before.

16. A Comet by the name of "The Devil's Comet" (12P/Pons Brooks),will be passing by on the day of the eclipse. It was discovered in 1812, same year as the Big New Madrid earthquake.

17.  The destruction of the first Babylon was preceded with two crossing eclipses seven years apart and this eclipse is over a 7 year span.   See video:

18. The precise length of the reign of Kings in Israel was 241 years. If you add this amount to the beginnings of America you come up with 2017 and 2024. see Overcome Babylon video.

19. The first town the eclipse will pass through is Eagle Pass Texas, signifying that the Eagle is about to Pass, and it's also the center of the border dispute which could start a Civil war in America. 

20. The only other time America had a double eclipse the New Madrid went off creating catastrophic earthquakes in the months after the eclipse.  The eclipse will go over the New Madrid area.

21. Ramadan ends on the date of the 2024 eclipse.

22. Forty days after the Eclipse is Pentecost.

23. Eclipse happens on Nissan 1 on the Jewish calendar which was the inauguration of Moses Tabernacle, when the glory fell.  Nissan 1 was also the first day of darkness in the original plagues of Egypt.

24. The 2024 eclipse goes over most of the major Jewish Communities in America.

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