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Brother Nathaniel Kapner
Person of the Week


Brother Nathaniel Kapner is one of a kind. He's quite a character. Many people do not know that despite being Greek Orthodox, he is a street preacher. He grew up in a Jewish Orthodox family, but came to Christ after asking questions and seeing the vile reactions of his Jewish teachers. Based on how they behaved he determined it must be true! So then he went and read the New Testament and was convinced that Jesus was the Messiah after reading the geneology alone.

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Brother Nathaniel has two main websites. One is called, Bible with Brother. This channel contains the videos that he posted to Youtube before they took his channel down. It contains his testimony which I highly encourage you to see. I think it is a very edifying video. See My Journey Into The Orthodox Church.

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Click the banner below for Brother Nathaniel's full comprehensive website which contains information which is mind blowing and highly censored, that we need to know!

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