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Avoid mRNA infused foods

Dear Friends,

I want to get straight to the point. They have been putting mRNA vaccinated animals into the food supply. I didn't want to believe it at first, but it's true. They have been vaccinating pigs since 2018 according to Attorney Tom Renz. Plans are underway to put mRNA vaccines into the produce. Some cattle farmers have already been vaccinating recently. Go to the links within this text for documentation.

Attorney Tom Renz is behind getting bills calling for informed consent on the table. In Missouri there was a bill introduced recently calling for informed consent for meat producers to disclose whether mRNA was used on their herds. This bill was shot down by Democrats and Rinos. Tom Renz is trying to set forth more bills in other states. I urge you to subscribe to Tom Renz. Twitter to stay informed about the bills in various states.

Meanwhile, since we see what's coming, support your local trusted farmers. Here is an interactive map below of the USA and Canada which show safe meat and produce farms near you. We need to stop supporting these evil greedy companies and start buying local.

Do not buy any produce you see with an APEEL label on it. It is a coating that Bill Gates had his evil Scientists invent that is a coating for fruits and vegetables to keep them lasting longer. They claim it's safe, but that's what they said about the vaccines and we should know better than to trust them, especially anything coming from Bill Gates. At the link above you will be able to find out a list of toxic ingredients in Apeel. At least we get informed about this due to the sticker unlike the mRNA vaccinated animals.

Below is a link to an Interactive Map where you can find local farmers not using these dangerous practices. This map is a good place to start if you don't know of any local farmers in your area. <----- Below is just an image of what's on the page at this link.

Finally, I want to recommend an absolute must see video done by Doug Haggman, Steve Quayle and Celeste Solum. It's called: HAGMANN REPORT SHOW

I know there's a lot out there to watch, but some videos are only rehashing the wrong that's already been done. We don't have time to look back, we need to look ahead and prepare for the next onslaught! In this video Celeste Solum gives the best advice on how we are to deal with this on a spiritual level. She talks about how we are to pray over our food and trust God to miraculously protect us while at the same time trying to be wise and protect ourselves from these contaminants. I think of the verse in Ephesians that says, "HAVING DONE ALL STAND". So, we first need to be wise and protect ourselves by not shopping at Kroger or Walmart for our produce or meat anymore. In spiritual warfare everyone likes to talk about the spiritual armor aspect of the verse in Ephesians 6:13 forgetting about that part that says having done all. Even Jesus had to be wise and hide himself at times when they were pursuing him to kill him saying his time had not yet come. He even had to forbid people to speak of certain things at times in order to protect himself. Are we better than Jesus that we need to take no precautions to safeguard ourselves while we are being pursued to be killed by the evil entities that exist today? We avoided the vaccines, now we really have to look out for what we eat. We should have never been supporting these big evil companies in the first place and probably should repent of that.

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