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Kabbalah Secrets Revealed

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

I am addressing this topic due to two different people coming to me and telling me about how former Christians they knew actually left Christianity and became Jews! One man came up to me in a church I was visiting and told me that his very own Christian biological brother went to visit Israel and came back saying he was a Jew and forsook Christianity. He was shocked and didn't know how this could happen. Another man said a man he worked with who used to be Christian came to him and said he's now a Jew. When my friend tried to turn him back to Christianity all this man would do was argue the Scriptures with him and no progress was made. So this is when I decided to dive into finding out more about Judaism. I was shocked at what I found out. I was under the impression that the Jews only believed in the Torah. But they adhere also to extra-Biblical texts such as the Talmud and the Zohar.

I came across an excellent documentary that I encourage everyone to watch who is dealing with someone who is leaning towards Judaism instead of Christianity. Find out exactly what it is that they believe and how it actually veers away from the Torah and the Bible. You will be absolutely shocked. These people leaving Christianity MUST be confronted with what they are now embracing. The Talmud is absolutely blasphemous towards Jesus Christ saying that he's in hell boiling in his own excrement. Below are some very good links exposing this book:

For a complete comprehensive look at the whole ball of wax please watch the four hour series. I broke this series down into three parts. I could not even watch it all in one day myself. This series gives you complete documentation for each and every single thing they present.

I was absolutely shocked to find out that they teach you can use the services of actual demons claiming that some demons are more neutral and will help them out! How crazy is that?! So when the Bible tells us that some Jews are of the Synagogue of Satan, it's spot on! They are sanctioning and using actual demon power! The Jewish writings also promote the idea of that Adam of the book of Genesis had sex with a demonic entity named Lillith, and that Eve had sex with the serpent. This is where these myths come from. Part one also exposes the Kabbalah tree, which is pagan tree worship that the Old Testament warns about. Did you know that former President Trump boasts about his Jewish "Tree of Life" award he received many years ago, which apparently is their highest reward to give a person? See: President Trump Converts to Orthodox Judaism.

Never before has there been such a total exposure of the deepest secrets of the Jewish religion. The spirituality of the kabbalah brings together a deadly cocktail of evil, mysterious practices and Satanic beliefs. Mysticism, Numerology, witchcraft, magic, occultism, Satan-worship, Evolution, Yoga and more are all woven together as part of the fabric of Jewish Kabbalah. It is frightening to realize that so many high-level politicians and financiers—not to mention Hollywood stars and entertainers—practice the Kabbalah. Israel Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, singer Madonna, actress Sharon Stone, comedian Jerry Seinfeld, pop icon Michael Jackson, and, of course thousands of Jewish rabbis, are into this dark, wicked system of false religion. Christian Zionists and Judaizers are also unwittingly kept captive by the spider web of deceit of the Kabbalah. For more information see:

Part 2: This video it will show the Kabbalistic links to Yoga, Buddhism, Universalism, the New Age, the false "Laughing Revival", The Aquarian Conspiracy, Gnosticism, Reincarnation, Reiki, Pagan sex rites, Shekinah, Islam's Kabbalah & Black Stone meteorite at Mecca, and the underpinnings of Psychology by exposing Sigmund Freud, B'nai B'rith, and Psychoanalysis.

Part 3: Shows the links to Pantheism, Hinduism, Buddhism. It also explores the Messianic prophecies of the Kabbalah so you will know what they are looking for, which is of course not the true Messiah.

BitChute Video Recommendation to learn some history about how far off track the majority actually became at one point. When you don't embrace the truth of Jesus Christ you'll go down the path of the absolute opposite! And such was the case with many! One Jewess speaks up against this event in the past however. This is not the route all of them went, but it's a route a huge amount of them took.

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