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Elon Musk, the Alien Antichrist

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

I always thought Elon Musk had a strange look about him. Due to his weird look, strange name, and obsession with space, I once asked myself, "I wonder if he is an alien". Then I said to myself, "No, don't be silly."

Now that Elon Musk is starting to pivot himself into being a central figure on the world scene and loved by many since he purchased Twitter, I began to wonder about him again. Then I saw this strange poster about his mother.

When I checked into it further I found out that Elon's mother, then called Mae Haldeman had a very strange upbringing. Her childhood was spent searching for lost civilizations with her family. Her father, Joshua Norman Haldeman, was interested in looking for the Lost City of the Kalahari Desert in Africa. Pictured below is Mae, and her twin Kaye, and their family, on one of their desert adventures. See article:

Mae went on to be a Covergirl Model later in life and lived quite an affluent lifestyle. A woman named Rosemary, who claims to be Elon Musk's babysitter was procured by Mae Musk. She gives quite interesting details about Elon's childhood. Rosemary explained that she saw Elon as a child as young as eight years old open a portal in his bedroom. She explains what they saw, which appear to be ancient "gods" and only by calling out to Jesus was she able to escape the ordeal. I have taken an interview that she gave to Right on Radio and edited it down from an hour to a half an hour, which is the video below:

If you'd like to inquire further, Rosemary has a You Tube Channel called Shalom Girl.

Now let's take a look a Elon Musk's first wife. Her name is Justine Musk. She's written a book called, "Blood Angel". I wonder if the book description is what her life was like with Musk?

"Jessamy Shepard is an up and coming artist. She has a dark past that she has tried to run away from but it continues to pop up in her relationships and in her art. Prior to a premiere of her new exhibits she is contacted by a handsome and mysterious stranger. He attempts to convince her that she is the sole survivor of a line of people who have great talent and that these talents will be necessary in keeping the world as she knows it from burning in hell. Of course, Jess does not believe him. Yet, she cannot help but follow up on his invitation to discover who she really is. Her destiny it seems involves rescuing a teenage orphan who has great gifts before he falls into the hands of a underground rock band who has a demon for a lead singer. This singer, Asha is the chosen one who will bring about the apocalypse".

A person who reviewed the book had this to say, "In this book there are so often demons or other creatures who romp about wreaking horrible and gratuitous mayhem and littering the landscape in often a most creative fashion with body parts, purely for the enjoyment of it."

Elon had five sons with wife Justine. If you think Justine is strange, his most recent baby Mama, Claire Elise Boucher, is most definitely Satanic. Ghoulish pictures of Claire, who goes by the name "Grimes" are splattered all over the internet.

Claire, or Grimes makes pretty gruesome music videos. In her video, "Kill vs. Maim" she has people dancing around naked with blood dripping all over themselves. One has to ask themselves why Elon Musk's mothers of his children are into blood themes?

Elon Musk's friend from Canada, Jordon Peterson, says Musk is an Alien and a Reptilian. He said it so matter of fact seriously. Then Elon himself said he was an alien. He may have been joking, but still, that is what he uttered. It makes you wonder. Here's the video where Jordan calls Musk a Reptilian Alien and below that is Elon calling himself an alien:

Just a note about the babysitter Rosemarie's claim that Mae Musk was busy recruiting soldiers for end times chaos. I don't think Rosemary was making this up or was mistaken. The late Russ Dizdar has documented that the Illuminati Satanists have been creating mind controlled "Super soldiers" for the end time chaos that they plan to unleash at an appointed time. Russ has helped several of these mind control victims that have been through torturous mind control experiments which has caused splintering in their personalities. For more information about this see a short video clip called: Russ Dizdar, The Black Awakening.

Rosemary herself was a victim of mind control programming. She gives a lot of information about some of the programs in her other videos. These programs have a wealth of information proving that they did exist and were carried out by the CIA. Unsealed documents are available on the internet. If interested look them up on your own. There is a wealth of evidence and information. Here is one link of many from the History Channel: THE CIA'S APPALLING HUMAN EXPERIMENTS WITH MIND CONTROL.

Operation Paperclip

MK Ultra

Operation Midnight Climax

They claim that these programs are no longer operating. I don't for a second believe that. I do believe they have switched to better tactics.

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1 Comment

Jun 29, 2022

I've seen the clips from Shalom Girl, it's rather disturbing. Although she seems a bit bizarre I believe she is telling the truth. After Musk's interview with the Babylon Bee, that's when alarm bells started ringing for me. He spoke about the miracles of Jesus like he believes he could, possibly by scientific means, do the same thing. That was the gist of it. What's interesting to note is that Elon is the name of one of the son's of Zebulun, one of the 12 Tribes of Israel. Everything about the Anti-Christ is a mockery of God. The 12 Tribes of Israel are the mortal enemies of the Anti-Christ, and vice versa.

Very good article. Thank you for publishing.

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