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Prophecies about Russia attacking the USA unfolding now

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Dear Friends,

Somebody has to say it; the Pope has declared that we are in World War III. This brought to my memory several old prophecies I had heard in my lifetime regarding how the last war would play out. These prophecies are starting to happen now, after all these years. I have made a collection of these prophecies and placed them on my video channels. I will list the links below (all links are in purple type).

Both Henry and Dimitri are precise about how and where we will be attacked. Dimitri had mentioned that the Russians would attack from Nicaragua. He says at 45:15 into the video, "The Russian spies have figured out where the most powerful nuclear plants in America are. When American's will think it's peace and quiet, and they rule the world, then from the oceans, out of Cuba, Nicaragua, Central America, Mexico, they will bombard the Nuclear Plants in America, and America will burn." He points to Jeremiah Chapter 51 and Revelation Chapter 18 as descriptions of this event. The late David Wilkerson also said that Jeremiah Chapter 51 was about America. I will add his prophecies to my channel at a later date. The areas designated to definitely be hit according to Duduman at 43:50 in the video are: California, Las Vegas, Florida and New York. It's absolutely stunning how this lines up to today's news. See this Hal Turner article, Covert Intel! Tactical Nukes Shipped out to Ukraine and it Appears the Russians are in Nicaragua. This was featured on Johnny's Don't Speak News, a web site a highly recommend for you to keep track of the maneuvers of this war. Johnny is a good Christian man who recently ditched all the advertising on his channel because he disagreed with the ethics of some of the ads. I would bookmark his page and go there because he's highly censored.

In A.A. Allen's vision, the places he mentions as being struck are: New York, the West Coast, specifically Los Angeles, Kansas City, and New Orleans. He says he sees the Statue of Liberty staggering drunkenly in the Gulf of Mexico. To me, this also implies states in that area. Henry Gruver saw that a massive military movement came out of Iceland from the North. A map of this is shown in his video. He says the attack is both Marine and by Air. He says Submarines by our Eastern Seaboard attacked us. He said he saw Submarines along the Pacific Coast as well, near Oregon and San Diego. He said the first city that was hit was New York City, then Miami Florida, then an explosion in Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego.

I included the dream of a 16 year old boy as I found it unscripted and genuine. It seems to me more like how the conditions will be after the bombs have hit. This makes me realize that we'd be better off in the direct hit of the bombs because we don't want to see what happens in the aftermath. The boy describes: Cannibalism, senseless killing, volcanoes going off, especially The Ring of Fire, Christians being targeted for harassment and elimination, people going insane, formation of tribes, people acting as savages, no rule, hell worshippers, skin being different colors, their idols coming to life, different sizes of life forms, some giants. When the boy's father tried to comfort his son by saying that they were storing food and making go-bags his son said, "We are going to need more than just food." Other than that, what I found most remarkable about the boy's comments was that he said to beware of the Catholics, that something would be done on their part on behalf of peace, but instead it would be devastation. Recently, the Pope came out with remarks condemning NATO. He said, 'that “perhaps” NATO may have provoked the war “by barking at the gates” of Russia'. We certainly see this war escalating with no end in sight. Recently a Ukrainian General warned that they would use U.S. Missiles to blow up the Crimean Bridge. Russia responded by saying that doing that would be equivalent to suicide. See the TruNews report about this. I continue to find the United States and Ukraine saying things to provoke Russia. I am shocked that they think that Russia will just stand idly by and not respond. They are acting just like the Babylon described in the Bible, "I will never be a widow, I will never see loss of children." (Isaiah 47:8). They are almost begging Russia to retaliate. I came across something that really struck me recently. Some very short videos that were entirely Scripturally based explained how Vatican/Rome/Pope/Catholicism is the First Beast and that the United States is the Second Beast. I have gone back and forth about who is Mystery Babylon as both the USA and Roman Catholicism, specifically the Papacy, seems to fit the Whore of Revelation, but I felt as if I had to choose either one or the other as to who the real culprit is. I find myself going back and forth between the two because certain things seem to fit the Papacy, yet other things seem to fit the United States. Really, my problem was tunnel vision in thinking it had to be one or the other. It's actually both. I highly encourage you to watch these videos below which give the Scriptural basis, showing that Catholicism is the First Beast, and that the United States is the Second Beast. Vatican Rome Papacy and America are Beast One and Two of Revelation. If you already know that Rome is Mystery Babylon and want to skip ahead to part two about America, that section starts at: 9:16 in the video. I am finding that some of the Historicists who know that the Roman Catholic church is Mystery Babylon have tunnel vision when it comes to America. They think that the Vatican is going to burn someday. They are ignoring crucial parts of Scripture that identify America as the one who burns. The Mystery may have come out of the Vatican, but in the end, it's America that burns. This verse says that this Nation that burns is the hindermost of the Nations. Who is the newest Nation? America, who is only 255 years old. Jeremiah 50:12 Your mother shall be sore confounded; she that bare you shall be ashamed: behold, the hindermost of the nations shall be a wilderness, a dry land, and a desert. Was Babylon destroyed in the past? Yes. But, the spirit itself reared it's ugly head again only to spread and must finally be destroyed spiritually as well as physically. The Bible always has the physical example and the spiritual example to follow. The first destruction was the physical example. To all my historicist friends out there, heed this verse: Ecclesiastes 1:9 "What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again, there is nothing new under the sun." Revelation 18 describes the final destruction of Babylon just before the Lord returns. I found a very interesting article for those who want to explore this further: IS AMERICA BABYLON?

Lastly, a woman's vision I came across describes this concept perfectly. Her name is Ariela Solsol. She has since passed away but leaves this vision behind which I feel explains it all in a nutshell. I plan to put this to audio/video, but for now I will just share this in print.

I know this was a lot to unpack, but the time is short. We have to put the pieces of the puzzle together quickly. For those of us in the USA that cannot leave, we must realize that our number one priority is our salvation and the salvation of our loved ones. We must finally face the fact that we might perish in this last and final struggle before the Lord's return, even if we have done preparations. But, we must be as the men who were in the fiery furnace, whether we live or perish, we are to be faithful to the Lord. If we perish, we know that we have everlasting life regardless. We might be better off than to have to witness the horrific things that will happen. Like the boy who had the terrifying dream, "We're going to need more than just food." I don't think this means guns. I think it means the willingness to lay down our lives if it comes to that. Yes, we are to defend our families, but some things might be beyond our control. We are to remember the sacrifices our fellow Saints made in history when the Beast took their lives. May we be as brave as they were. We are to ask the Lord to give us this kind of strength to face what is coming. How do we overcome? We aren't greater than our Master, remember the sacrifice he made. Remember how he told his disciples that they must drink from the same cup that he did (Matthew 20:22). Revelation 12:11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

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