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Ancient Jewish Satanic Scrolls Recovered

I stumbled across pictures of Jewish scrolls and books which surprisingly have artwork stunningly similar to the Satan worshipers of our day. Below you will see an assortment of videos and pictures gathered from a few different sources. I would love to know what the Hebrew writing actually says.

Some of these artifacts were due to Turkish Police arresting four former fighters of Faylaq al-Rahman and a Turkish citizen who were trying to sell two rare, gold-plated Jewish scrolls in the northwestern province of Bilecik on May 8. For documentation see: Russian TV network RT and also see: The European Union Times.

The Turkish newspaper Daily Sabah said that Police had confiscated the two ancient scrolls during the arrest. According to the newspaper, the ancient artifacts are worth a total of $1.86 million.

Syrian opposition sources confirmed that Faylaq al-Rahman fighters had stolen the ancient scrolls from a historical 2,000 year old Synagogue in the Jobar district, East of the Syrian capital of Damascus. The district was under the control of the US-backed group Faylaq al-Rahman from 2013 until March 2018, when it was finally liberated by the Syrian Arab Army (FSA).

After the liberation of Jobar, Syrian pro-government activists revealed that many of the district’s historical Jewish Synagogues had been looted and destroyed by Faylaq al-Rahman fighters, who even dug tunnels under the historical sites in an attempt to find “Jewish treasures”.

This was the second scandal involving Eastern Ghouta “opposition” groups after their withdrawal from the region. On March 5th, the Iranian news agency Fars revealed that the political leader of Jaysh al-Islam Mohammed Alloush had stolen $47 million from his group before resignation from his position.

The scroll is said to have been constructed with embroidered gazelle leather and multiple ruby and emerald ornaments of various sizes.

After investigators carefully unraveled the scroll, they reportedly discovered something strange on one of the panels – a picture of a ram’s head inside what appears to be a pentagram…

There are more scrolls found in Syria in 2018 featuring plenty of more Satanic symbolism such as the demon Baphomet, Illuminati triangle with the all seeing eye, blood libel, serpents, kabbalah hand signs, owls and many other things.

Photo Gallery below:

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