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Who is Mystery Babylon? America's Involement

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Many Christians have hotly debated the topic of who Mystery Babylon is. Some think it's Vatican Rome, others think it's Jerusalem, still others think it is the United States, and several other theories abound. I go back and forth over this, is it America, or is it the Vatican? I tend to think it's the Vatican since the Bible says explicitly that her colors are scarlet and purple. But then in the end when Mystery Babylon is burning it specifically describes a Port City, which sounds like New York City who just happens to have a City named Babylon right near the port!

I do not claim to have the answer to pin-point exactly who she is at the moment, but I can tell you this, the Bible says that all Nations have drunk of the wine of her fornication. In my video I uncover her tracks within the beginnings of America. America is definitely a major player.

I uncovered some startling information while making this video. Little did I know that George Washington and several of the founding Fathers of our nation performed an elaborate Masonic ritual while laying the cornerstone of the Capitol in Washington D.C. Then even more shocking was to find out that Ben Franklin was a part of a group called, "The Hellfire Club", which was a Secret Society that practiced sexual orgies and Satanic rituals. Not only that, upon the excavation of Ben Franklin's home there were found numerous bones beneath his basement all dated to the exact time period he lived in. In one small little area excavated they found 15 bodies of men, women and children.

Here are some resources for those who wish to validate the information here and to do their own research:

To find out about Benjamin Franklin's escapades with the Hellfire Club read: Hellfire Clubs, Sex, Satanism and Secret Societies by Evelyn Lord.

I only took an excerpt out of this video to put into my video, for the full video go here. There are more details about the bones found under Franklin's house on this video. Hellfire Club - Ben Franklin, Youtube video

To watch Michael Hoggard's full video go here: The Statue of Liberty---Goddess of Liberty Mystery Babylon the Great.

I took a short clip from this video and recommend this channel on Youtube called: Mystery Babylon. His video is called: AMERICA'S SECRET DESTINY AND THE INCREMENTAL SHIFT TOWARD SOCIALISM.

I incorporated this video into my video: Statue of Liberty in the Bible Prophecy America is Babylon.

I did not use any of this information, but there's some absolutely fantastic information here: WASHINGTON D C MASONIC CITY ILLUMINATI TEMPLE

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