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Elon Musk Shows his Allegiance to Satan

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Elon wore an elaborate $7,500 costume to a Halloween party, yet he's still being heralded as the champion of free speech coming to rescue us from the Left. He stated that he wants to make Twitter like the Chinese WeChat app. where you can do just about everything from the platform. Please don't sign up for anything Twitter has to offer in the future. I am on there myself but I am very wary.

The Halloween party that Musk attended was held at Dracula's Castle in Romania. This party was held on the 29th, not to be confused with the Heidi Klum party held later on Oct. 31 At Heidi's party there were such things as a woman in a tub of blood featured. How grotesque.

See article below by clicking on picture from Now the End Begins ministry.

Incase anyone missed it, do not forget the New World Order white jacket Musk wore to the Met Gala. It couldn't be more obvious, he's playing the white side of the black and white Masonic Illuminati checkerboard. Click picture below for more information for the source of these photos.

“Musk pops up every time the worlds of government funding, military research & Bilderberg technocrats collide.” James Corbett: “When our good friends at DARPA hold a Robotic Challenge, Musk is there. When the World Government Summit convenes, Musk is the star attraction. Need someone to pimp transhumanism? Musk is only too happy to explain the potential dangers of AI, and to present his solution: We must merge with the machines so that we’re not “irrelevant” when the robots take over. And, oh yeah, he happens to have a company that’s working on the first “neural lace” mind-machine merger technology Yes, wherever the globalist fat cats meet to discuss technocratic ideas for the future, it’s a safe bet that Musk will be within spitting distance. But the part of this story you may not know is that Musk’s technocratic proclivity is not just a happenstance of character; it’s in his genes. You see, Elon Musk is the grandson of Joshua Haldeman.” Read more

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