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Diversion Tactics

of the Devil

Diversions the enemy uses to cause people not to see that the Mnra vaccine is the Abomination that the Devil is trying to set up in God's temple (our bodies) which will bring about the Mark of the Beast



Get the Christians to believe that the President can save the Country and the World.  Install a Qanon psyops operation so Christians will read Q drops instead of their Bibles. Have that very leader be the one to introduce and promote the Gene Defiling shot.  They will not question this since they are so devoted to him.  Even if they know it's wrong they will still give him a free  pass. Then in the end have them all gather at the Capital and stage a false flag operation to get them to be seen as Domestic terrorists. Click images below for more information.

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 Looking for a Third Temple in Jerusalem


Have famous Prophecy teachers teach that the Jews have to build a third temple in Jerusalem in order for the devil to come in and sit on a throne in the illegitimate temple and proclaim himself to be God.

Even though the Bible teaches that the temple of God is their own bodies in 1 Corinthians 6:19 "Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God?"  They will just ignore these verses.  

Although Jesus sacrifice was the final sacrifice they will think that temple sacrifices will have to start up again and that the Antichrist will stop them; and that will be their sign that the temple is defiled.  When in reality animal sacrifices in and of themselves are an offense to God because Jesus was the perfect Lamb that came to take away their sins.

Christians will think this is the defilement of the temple of God although the Bible states that God does not live in temples made by human hands as it says in Acts 7:8.

Prophecy teachers will even sell Temple Coins to raise money to build the false temple.  This will confuse the Jews even more that Christians want them to build a temple.  John Hagee will go as far as to say that Jesus did not come to be the Messiah.

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Make sure these false prophets push Patriotism and the President.  Give them false prophecies that Trump will win a second term.  That way the world will scorn and discredit Christianity due to all the false prophecies.  The people will make excuses for their false prophets rather than repent.

 Once Saved Always Saved OSAS doctrine

Pump up John MacArthur as a hero in the media.  He's a major leader in spreading the "Once Saved Always Saved" doctrine.  Have him threatened by the Government not to hold church services.  Have him bravely defy orders.  He will be applauded by the Christians.  He will then say it's okay to take the Vaccine to his congregation.  He also tells people that you can still go to heaven if you take the Mark of the Beast.  Hear him say it right out of his very own mouth in the video clip below.


Many Christians will say that they can do whatever they want because they will never lose their salvation, including taking the Mark of the Beast.  Click on the logo to learn about this devilish pet doctrine.  Expose' provided by Dan Corner's ministry.  Pastor Dan is a real enemy of Satan because he is telling everyone not to take the vaccine! He's going so far as to say that the bodily mark of proof of vaccination from the coming future microneedle 'smart patch' vaccine is the Mark of the Beast (Rev. 13:16,17). See

Most pastors won't say that.  Even if they know, they are still walking on egg shells not to offend the world.


 The Pre-Tribulation Rapture

We will see all those years of planting the Pre Trib Rapture pay off, so many Christians are saying that the Mark of the Beast can't possibly be here because they would have been raptured out by now.  Make sure Pre Trib Rapture Prophecy teachers go around assuring folks that the Mark of the Beast is not here for that reason.  I am so proud of Jack Hibbs and Amir Tsarfati for using this reason.  Well, done my good and faithful deceivers.  

Pre Tribbers.jpg
Pre Trib Rapture.jpg

Make sure Christians don't listen to Prophecy teachers like Ken Raggio that say the Mark of the Beast is here and that there's no Pre Trib Rapture. 

 Mark of the Beast = Sunday Worship

Seventh Day Adventist, Ellen G. White devotees will not see the Mark of the Beast coming because they think that Sunday Worship is the Mark of the Beast.  We've also got them believing there is no hell for the unbelieving, just annihilation.

Highly respected Adventists like Dr. Lorraine Day will cause confusion in the truther community.  Dr. Lorraine's ERROR About the Mark of the Beast

Because of teachings like these everyone will overlook that an actual physical Mark will be needed in order to make it necessary to buy or sell like it says in the book of Revelation.  

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