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The Covid19 Vaccine is an EXPERIMENTAL TREATMENT that is not FDA approved and has not gone through any successful animal trials!  The companies producing the Covid19 vaccine have been allowed to produce and distribute their product under "Emergency Authorization" which allows them to skip the typical safety testing.

Documentation of some of the failed animal tests are here ---->  Ferret Study  and Various animals.


They were unable to produce ANY animal studies to show safety.  There are now numerous reports of DEATHS of healthy young people and SERIOUS SIDE EFFECTS SUCH AS- Convulsions that won't stop, Blindness, Deafness, Horrific skin lesions!  Click here:  See some of these horrific stories not being reported by our irresponsible media!


Many Countries are violating The Nuremberg Code.  This Code was developed after the Holocaust that happened in Nazi Germany because they were practicing unethical human experimentation on the people.  During the Nuremberg trials for Nazi war crimes, one trial focused on the doctors, called "The Doctor Trials".    After the trial a code of ethics was created  in 1947 to assure this would never happen again, BUT IT'S HAPPENING AGAIN!  Here's a brief outline of the Code:

Israeli's beg the world to see what is happening to them NOW!  See the video below: 

The dramatic risk involved for a virus with a 99.9% recovery rate is not worth the RISK of this EXPERIMANETAL GENE THERAPY.  In addition to that, the World Health organization and even Dr. Fauci say that they don't know yet if this therapy will even stop you from contracting Covid19 or whether it will prevent the spread of it either.  Not only that, they don't even know how long the treatment will last, some have suggested possibly only a few months!  Is it really worth it?  (Warning, the below articles still try to persuade people to get the shot even after admitting these things).

You Can Still Spread, Develop COVID-19 After Getting a Vaccine: What to Know

“it likely isn’t going to be a long duration of immunity,”  said Dr. Fauci.

"Whether vaccination can prevent transmission of the virus is “the looming question,  says Fauci."

(In other words, he doesn't know if the vaccine will stop the spread of the virus).

Not only that, people are NOT BEING INFORMED that this is NOT a typical "Vaccine".  It is a NEW TECHNOLOGY that has NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE!  It's an MRNA technology which involves tweaking one's genetics. 

Dr. Hotze explains below:

A Virology Expert named Gerrt Vanden Bossche came out with an URGENT DIRE WARNING to the World about the TOTAL DISASTER giving out this NEW EXPERIMENTAL TREATMENT is going to cause.  This is a man who has devoted his whole life to developing and making vaccines!  He even once worked for Bill Gates at GAVI.  Yet he is warning of dire consequences on the human race.  He has issued his warning to the WHO and whoever will listen.  Yet the Pharmaceutical salesman don't want you to know this warning was even given!  It might hurt the profit margin!  I am begging and pleading with you, please take the time to watch at least one of his video interviews below for the sake of yourself and your loved ones.  Don't be a part of this experiment.  Protect your loved ones.

Discrimination pressures are being put on people to try to cooerce them to get this EXPERIMENTAL TREATMENT.

Tel aviv, Israel

United States

Please see this website for a more thorough analysis:


Seal Beach, California

Please circulate this information and help raise awareness because the profiteers at Big Pharma are enjoying all their free advertising and the suppression of free speech.  Help stop this crime on humanity!

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