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Stew Peters
Person of the Week

Stew Peters dares to go where no big time alternative media star is willing to go! He's calling out Israel for it's actions and going beyond that to the root of the problem, which is spiritual.

His confrontive interview with Alex Jones is only the tip of the ice berg.  If you haven't seen it, see it here, and see Stew's reaction after the interview where he discusses with his good friend King Bau his impression of Alex. Stew says he's surprised at Alex's ignorance about the Jews but confesses that he knows Alex is not that dumb and suspects that Alex is possibly in on it as a paid shill!

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I advise all Christians reading this to  pray for Stew Peters because he's embarking on exposing that Satanism is operating through the Jews that are in power, who really have very little if any actual Hebrew blood in them as they are mostly of Khazarian origin. He plans to make a documentary about this. He's the only popular alternative media star exposing the Star of Remphan. Please do your research, because the Remphan cult was the ancient cult that sacrificed babies to Moloch. This is all documented in the Scriptures.

Stew emphatically points out how this is ultimately a Biblical spiritual war and implores us to seek God for our role in this battle.

Go to Stew Peter's website at:


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